Markus Widegren – författare i Linköping


I've written seven novels in Swedish. Two published in print by Oddbooks. All sold out at the moment but will be re-issued again. Writing the next one right now.

(More info about the books avaliable in Swedish at the moment I'm afraid, but more is coming soon.)


I've been playing with several bands in different genres. See all bands collected or follow the links below to listen to free music on mobile friendly webpages of the bands.

Expanding Chaos MON022 Termodynamikens Sjunde Lag Boxtavsbarn


I've directed, shot, edited and written several films. I won the award "Best Director" for feature film Kraftverk 3714 at the international filmfestival Rojo Sangre in Buenos Aires 2006. Most of my short- and long films can be viewed at mine and my collegue Fred Andersons Vimeo account.

Kraftverk 3714 Widegren & Anderson on Vimeo


I was born and grew up in the wilderness of Jämtland in northern Sweden in the 20th century. I decided to become an author when I was eleven. I studied Graphic Design and Communication in university. For a while I was co-owner of a company producing commersials and film. At the moment I'm employed as a communications officer while continuing work as an author.

Alternative biography (only in Swedish)