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Markus Widegren – Author & copywriter

About Me

I was born 1974 and raised in a little village outside the town Östersund in northern Sweden, where my family have had a house and some land since the 1700-century.

That I became a writer and filmmaker isn't that strange. I have always been interested in storytelling and decided to be an author when I was eleven years old. And I succeded! Two of my novels have been published by a small publishing company to my great pride. A Swedish newspaper made a two page feature about me and right now I'm writing my next novel.

My profession grew from this urge to tell stories. Writing and filmmaking – to communicate a message – has been my focus all my life. I've been working as a film director, done commersials and feature films, and right now I am a copywriter working with text for web and social media at The Municipality of Linköping in Sweden.

In my spare time I play in the band Expanding Chaos that, according to well meaning friends, play "a bit strange" music. I love books and like to read both fiction and fact, I'm interested in psychology, music, movies, games, exploring the world, learning new stuff and write, write, write!


Send an e-mail to markus.widegren@gmail.com.