Notangotech (2002)


This album was originally released as an Expanding Chaos album but now it’s reconsidered to be a MON022 album since it was more of a solo project by Markus Widegren than a band effort with Expanding Chaos.


Released August 15, 2002.

All music & lyrics by Markus Widegren,
with music also by Anders Rudolfsson on track 1, 3, 10 & 15.
Lyrics on track 3 by Reiner Maria Rilke in public domain.

Produced, engineered & mixed by Markus Widegren. Recorded at Modul 216 in Östersund, Sweden, 2002. Cover by Markus Widegren based on an image by Anders Rudolfsson. 

Copyright MON022 & Expanding Chaos 2002. All rights reserved.