In The Fields Of Quantum-Music (1997)


This is where we started out as a band. It’s kind of a double album, first half has a different style than the second half. Our friends said this is more sound poetry than music. What do you think? 

Some songs are covers and are unfortunately not available online.

Released July 15, 1997.

Written and produced by Expanding Chaos, except track 4 written by Tori Amos, and track 11a written by Black Sabbath, and track 11b written by Bathory. 

Engineering and mixing by by Anders Rudolfsson at Mixtrofobi Inspelningsplatå in Östersund, july 1997. Photo and design by Markus Widegren. Guest vocals on track 4 and whispering on track 7 by Anette Johnsson.

Copyright Expanding Chaos 1998. All rights reserved.

Om Markus Widegren

Skriver fiktion i form av romaner, noveller, texter och poesi i vitt skilda genrer. Ofta rör sig berättelserna djupt in i mörkret – gärna på gränsen till sammanbrott. Gör musik både solo och med bandet Expanding Chaos. Har även ett förflutet som filmskapare. Skriver just nu på nästa roman.