Zero Weight (2008)


Theme album about lack of conscience and compassion. The characters in the songs either lack empathy or live or work with people who do. Some are just egoistic others narcissists. And then there are the psychopaths.

Released December 19, 2008 

Music and lyrics written, performed & produced by Markus Widegren & Anders Rudolfsson. 

Guest musicians: 
Tomas Öberg acoustic guitar track 5 & 8. 
Björn Rudolfsson vocals track 8. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Anders Rudolfsson in different places in and around Östersund, Sweden during 2008. This version for digital distribution was remixed 2011. Cover and photos by Markus Widegren. 

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Om Markus Widegren

Skriver fiktion i form av romaner, noveller, texter och poesi i vitt skilda genrer. Ofta rör sig berättelserna djupt in i mörkret – gärna på gränsen till sammanbrott. Gör musik både solo och med bandet Expanding Chaos. Har även ett förflutet som filmskapare. Skriver just nu på nästa roman.