Project 2:16 (2001)


This album was recorded in 2001 as a demo for a solo-album by Markus Widegren but was for some inexplicable reason issued under the band Expanding Chaos with cover art that was intended for one of Markus novels. It has now been re-published with the correct cover art under the name of Markus solo-project MON022.

The album has also been re-recorded as a cover album by Expanding Chaos under the title Closer To The Stars (to be re-issued soon) over at


Released July 30, 2001

Project 2:16 was written, performed, recorded, mixed, photographed & designed by Markus Widegren at Modul 216 in Östersund, Sweden, in february-july 2001.

Copyright Markus Widegren 2001.